The Rise of eSports in Online Casinos

Two industries that have seen explosive growth over the last decade are online casinos and eSports. Both began on the fringes, only played or enjoyed by a small percentage of people. But as online casinos began developing new technology that greatly enhanced a player's experience and brought features like live dealer games into the equation, online casinos are now immensely popular and offer players the chance to play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their own homes.

eSports have seen an equally impressive expansion. What used to be thought of as only played by outcasts, eSports now have major sponsors, celebrity endorsements and regularly see their tournaments broadcast on national TV and streaming worldwide.

So it only makes sense that these two rapidly growing industries found each other. Today, we're going to take a look at how eSports and online casinos have formed a perfect partnership. Let's dive in!

eSports offer more betting options

More and more online casinos are offering sportsbooks that allow players to bet on NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAA, international soccer and many other games. But not everyone is adept at betting on sports. There is a lot of lingo and terms and betting styles that can seem overwhelming to a player. What's a point spread? Over under? Parlay? Plus, not all players follow sports - and betting on a sport you don't much about is the quickest way to burn through a bankroll.

Enter eSports. eSports offer players who would typically stay away from betting on sports a way to join in on the excitement. Online casinos offer players the chance to bet real money on dozens of competitions and tournaments such as League of Legends, Overwatch World Cup and even competitions for FIFA, NBA 2K and others.

Now, players don't need to keep track of information related to a certain professional game, they can bet on the better eSport teams and players. This allows players that normally wouldn't bet on professional sports the chance to get in on the excitement by betting on games and players they know much more about.

eSports can bring more players to an online casino

eSports have built an impressively large fan base over the years. With more and more eSports tournaments breaking into the mainstream, it's opened the door to massive expansion which the eSports industry has gladly welcomed. Online casinos are happy to get in on that action as well. As more and more online casinos offer players the chance to bet on eSports competitions and tournaments, it's brought more and more players to the casinos. It's only natural that these new players will then look to see what else the casino has to offer in terms of games. Suddenly, a player who might not have ever signed up for an account at an online casino is now playing slots and live dealer games, all because they were able to bet on eSports.

Online casinos can bring in new players to eSports

Just as eSports can be an introduction to online casinos for many, the reverse is also true. Experienced gamblers and sports gamblers may look to try their hand at betting at eSports. In doing so, they'll be educating themselves on different competitions and leagues they never knew existed. Anyone who's played video games knows how fun they are, so it's not a wild assumption to say gamblers may find a new interest in eSports and begin following them more regularly.

Potential for more growth and partnerships

Like the way gambling apps such as Fan Duel and Draft Kings have partnered with major professional sports leagues, there is an opportunity for some of the bigger and more reputable online casinos to do the same with eSports leagues. Any online casino that sponsors a major eSports tournament would be attracting a large pool of new players. They could offer attractive betting bonuses or even prizes to draw in more players. These two industries seem like a perfect match and a sponsorship deal between two of them would only be a win - win.


What started out as two separate industries on the fringes of popularity have now found major success with each other. Online casinos and eSports can offer players thrilling and exciting new gambling options as well as attract new players. There is nothing that says either one of these industries will be slowing down anytime soon, so there are endless possibilities for growth between the two.