Ensuring Fair Play: Understanding Casino Licensing and Regulation

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Online casinos have brought the excitement and thrill of gambling to the comfort of a player's own home. But with more and more online casinos going live every week, how do us players know which ones are legit and which ones are not? That should be the number one concern we as players have. Not the size of a casino's game library but is it fair, secure and is our information protected.

That's where online casino regulations come into the picture. They're put in place to ensure online casinos are operating fairly and that players' information - both personal and banking - is kept safe and secure.

Today, we're going to take an in depth look at these regulations in order to help players make better decisions and choices about which online casinos to play and which ones they should look to avoid. So let's get into it!


One of the pillars of online casino regulations is licensing. A licensed online casino is one that operates under the oversight of a regulatory body - that body grants the casino the authority to provide the gambling services we all love and play. The online casino must keep things running smoothly and adhere to and meet certain guidelines set forth by this regulatory body. If they don't then they risk losing their license.

If an online casino DOES NOT make this information know upfront then avoid them at all costs. Any reputable online casino will have their regulatory body and license clearly stated on their main page. The most coming jurisdictions for these include: Malta, UK, USA, Gibraltar and Curaçao.

These regulatory bodies and licenses ensure fair play. So, again, if an online casino is keeping this information hidden then you do not want to play there.

How does an online casino get a license

Licenses for online casinos don't just grow on trees. In order to obtain one an online casino has to go through a thorough application process - and each regulatory body has its own process and requirements.

But most likely than not an online casino will have to include things like background checks, business plans, software and a compliance check. So, it's not an easy thing for an online casino to obtain a license. That's why some online casinos simply don't - they got too much to hide. So that's why when you're playing an online casino that DOES have a license, you should rest easy knowing they made all the information needed to obtain one available to the authorities and passed with flying colors.

Fairness and Security

Any gambler knows that the house always wins. We accept it but we still love to play. All we ask is that the games are fair. Online casinos must implement numerous fairness measures to ensure simply that - that their games are fair.

One of those is the Random Number Generator - RNG. RNG is basically an algorithm that generates random series of numbers for all the virtual games you see available at an online casino. We're talking slots, roulette, blackjack and so on. They all use RNGs to determine the outcome. A regulated online casino will only be using certified RNGs that have been tested and vetted by independent third party organizations like the eCOGRA - eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance - and iTech Labs.

These organizations are are the forefront of online casino regulation and ensure that the games being offered to players and not rigged and everything is based on pure chance.

When it comes to security, a regulated online casino will use very advanced encryption technology like SSL - Secure Socket Layer. This technology is used to protect a player's personal and financial information.

Again, this information should be advertised and clearly shown on an online casino's main page. If not there, then in the about section. If it's not shown then stay away. If an online casino isn't making information about fairness and security well known then you can't trust that you'll get either on them.

Responsible Gambling

If you've played at a regulated online casino then you've no doubt noticed a 'Responsible Gambling' tab listed at the bottom. This is there to promote a safe, responsible and healthy gambling environment for all players.

Gambling can take players to some dark places if they're not careful. That's why regulated online casinos will give players tools to help them regain control over their gambling activities. This is the casino looking out for its players. It's in the casino's best interest to take care of their players. This will only make the player want to keep playing that casino.

Any online casino that doesn't promote responsible gambling doesn't have your best interest in mind and should be avoided.

Why players should player regulated online casinos

Online gambling is fun, exciting and thrilling. Gambling is entertainment and that's all it should be. By playing a regulated online casino, players will ensure that's exactly what they'll be getting - entertainment. They can rest easy knowing that the games they're playing are fair and that their sensitive personal and financial information is safe and secure.

An unregulated online casino might advertise high welcome bonuses in order to try and distract you from the fact not all is well behind the curtain. Don't fall for it. Before you deposit any money make sure to look for any and all regulatory and licensing information listed on a casino's site. If it's there in plain site they have nothing to hide and you should feel at ease you've picked a trustworthy casino. Remember, playing a regulated online casino is the only way to ensure you're getting a fair and safe gaming experience!