Advanced Slot Strategies for the Experienced Player

Online slots are a staple of any online casino - and for good reason. Beautiful graphics, immersive themes, bonus features and potential for huge payouts, online slots are a player favorite. They're also a game of chance. There is no foolproof way to beat an online slot machine. However, there are some strategies and tips that you can implement along the way in order to get the most out of your slot session and - hopefully - maximize your wins and minimize your losses. Let's dive in!

First off, don't use table game strategies for slots

You've probably heard of systems and strategies like the Martingale system. The Martingale system is when a player doubles their bet after every loss. It's very popular in games like roulette and blackjack. So why SHOULDN'T you use that for slots? Well, it's simple - table games give you higher odds of winning than slots do.

Take betting on roulette using the Martingale system. A single bet on either red or black gives you just about a 50% chance of winning. You're never going to get a 50% chance of winning on a slot. Plus, you never know what you're going to win on any given spin. You could win 10 cents or 500 dollars. It's all random. Because of this, those kind of positive or negative progression strategies simply don't work for slots.

Play slots that have high volatility

If you want to maximize your chances at winning at slots then the first thing you SHOULD do is play slots that have high volatility. Yes, they pay out less frequently, but when they do pay out it's going to be a bigger win. But keep in mind that these high volatility slots can easily erase your balance - they are high volatility after all!

So why should you play high volatility slots? It's because they increase your chance at a big win. Lower volatility lots might pay out more frequently but they're going to be smaller wins. That will keep you playing but it's not going to have any positive effect on your bankroll.

And since we want to walk away a winner, the higher volatility slots are the way to go. If you hit big on one of them then you can walk away in the green instead of having to deposit more.

Play slots that have bonus features

This sounds like a no brainer but you'd be surprised how many players don't think twice about bonus features. You want to utilize every possible angle you can in order to win at slots and bonus features are a great way to do that. Free spins, bonus games, pick 'em games, hold and spin - these are typically where players will see their biggest wins.

They don't trigger often but when they do, they can offer players multiple chances at some huge payouts, we're talking 100x or even 1000x your bet - and sometimes even more!

Adjust your bet size as your session goes on

Your bankroll is going to fluctuate during any session. Don't get blinders on and only play one bet size as you go. If you start out doing $10 spins and your bankroll suffers because of a string of bad losses, take the bet size down to $5. If you hit a big spin then you can raise your bet size back up. The point here is to get as much out of your bankroll as possible.

Pay attention to a slot's RTP

RTP - Return To Player - is what a player can expect to get back from a slot over a long period of time. For example, say a slot has a 95% RTP. That means that for every $100 the slot returns $95. Always look for slots that have RTPs 96% and up as those will give you the best chance at some wins. Remember that RTPs are calculated over a long period of time and many, many spins. These are averages so don't expect that every spin will give you back a certain percentage.

Don't fall for player superstitions

You might think that a slot is 'due' to hit after its spun 20 consecutive losses - or vice versa. But in reality there is no "hot" or "cold" streaks going on with online slots. Every spin is individual of itself and uses an RNG. Never think you're due for a win just because you're on a cold streak. You'll be in for a rude awakening.

Know when to walk away

We all have dreams of hitting it big on slots. The odds are, however, that you won't. If that's the case then know when to walk away. Only bet what you can afford to lose and never chase losses. That's the quickest way to getting into some serious trouble.


You've probably seen videos on YouTube claiming to give you the secret to winning at slots and strategies that can't lose. None of it's true. There are no strategies you can use that will guarantee you wins at slots. Slots are a game of chance and randomness. But, if you implement the tips we listed above you can give yourself a fighter's chance and potentially walk away with some big payouts. Good luck!