How To Play Online Slot Machines

Online gambling has soared in recent years and through it all, online slot machines have emerged as one of the most popular forms of entertainment. With beautiful graphics, engrossing themes, and the potential for huge payouts, online slot machines are a must try for any player entering the world of online casinos. But they can also be a bit overwhelming. Today we aim to ease those concerns by taking a closer look at how to play online slot machines. Let's get into it!

The Basics:

First off, players need to get a handle on the fundamentals before entering those high bet amounts. Players should find a reputable online casino. Remember, the longer a casino has been active, the more reputable it is. Most online casinos are constantly updating their games, and there are a wide variety of developers that produce these slots. The more a player tinkers with different providers and slots, the quicker they'll find ones that most fit their style of gaming.

Set Yourself a Budget:

As is the case with any form of gambling, players should establish a budget before sitting down to play online slots. Pick an amount of money you feel comfortable spending and STICK TO IT. Never, and we mean never, bet more than you can afford to lose. Gambling is a form of entertainment. Players should have fun, and always remember that losing is a real possibility. They don't say the house always wins for nothing! If players give themselves a budget then they minimize their losses and avoid any serious financial issues. If you hit a cold streak simply walk away. Never try and chase your losses. That's the quickest way of falling into deeper and deeper holes that becoming increasingly harder to get out of.

Choose the Right Slot Machine For You:

Online casinos provide dozens of different kinds of slot machines. 3-reel. 5-reel. Megaways. Progressive. 10 line. 25 line. 50 line! It's endless. Players should find ones they like. This author prefers megaways and progressive slots for their ability to lead to consecutive wins on just one spin. But to each their own

Understand the Paytables and Payouts:

Paytables are literally where the money is. They'll list symbols, their values and their respective payouts. Each slot will have this information listed, usually highlighted by the 'I' icon located on the bottom of the window. Get a good grasp of these so you're not continually having to interrupt your game by checking the pay outs.

Additionally, players will want to clock a machine's (RTP) or return-to-player, percentage. The higher the RTP, the more a player can expect to get back over a long period of time. For instance, if a slot has a 95% RTP, that means that over time, a player can expect 95% of their money back.

Volatility is another aspect players should take note of. This will usually be indicated by 'lightning bolt' icons when the slot is first opened. The more 'lightning bolts' the higher the volatility of that slot, meaning they'll offer larger payouts but at less frequent times. Fewer 'lightning bolts' equals less volatility, meaning those slots will hand out more frequent wins but they will be smaller.

Utilize the Free Play and Bonuses:

Just about every online casino offers bonuses to attract new players. These are no-risk ways for players to play slots and get a handle on them. Bonuses also have the - wait for it - bonus of boosting you balance. Anytime you have more chances to win the better if you ask this author.

Players should note that most bonuses come with 'rollover' requirements, meaning they'll have to bet a certain amount in order for the bonus funds to become unlocked.

Implement Some Basic Betting Strategies:

Slot machines are primarily games of chance. We all know that. But a little strategy could go a long way. One of the more popular strategies out there is the progressive betting system, otherwise known as the Martingale system. Say you bet $1. You lose. The next spin you risk $2. Once you win yo start back at your original amount. However, players should know that this system is by no means foolproof. You could easily run into a string of losses and bankrupt your balance. So it's important to, say it with me, never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Manage Your Time and Emotions:

Playing online slots is fun and addictive. This author has found himself playing for hours at a time. A little music, a drink or two, and some slot play. Nothing better. However, it is crucial players avoid losing themselves completely. Take breaks. Set a time limit. And never get too high or too low. You may hit on 5 spins in a row, feel on top of the world, want to keep going and then lose your next 5 spins, wiping out all your winnings. Stay levelheaded and remember this should be FUN!


Playing online slots is one of, if not the best, aspect of online casinos. They are this author's favorite games to play by a mile. They can also be a little intimidating. Hopefully this article will help players understand the basics, giving the knowledge and confidence needed to play some of the best and most fun games that online casinos have to offer. Good luck and get to spinning!