An Introduction to Live Dealer Casino Games

In today's article we're going to be taking a look at one of this author's favorite aspects of online casinos: Live Dealers. Live Dealers combine all the convenience of online gaming with the authenticity of real world casinos. From blackjack, roulette and craps to poker and specialty games, Live Dealers have taken the industry by storm. Today's article aims to give players a better understanding of these fun and exciting features so that they can have the confidence to try them as well.

What Exactly Are Live Dealer Casino Games?

Live Dealer games are the latest craze to hit online gambling and online casinos. Most of the online casino games players are used to playing rely on random number generators (RNG). But not Live Dealers. They use human dealers who operate in real-time, giving players the closest thing they can get to an authentic casino experience from the comfort of their own home.

An online casino will usually be in contract with a studio and will be live streaming the games. They'll have time stamps on the screen so players know they're actually playing in real time. They can interact with the dealers and other players through chats, making the entire experience an enjoyable one.

How Do Live Dealer Games Work?

If you're wondering how these Live Dealer games work you are not alone. They deploy high-definition cameras that capture every action. Many providers offer a variety of angles as well, giving players a completely immersive view.

But how does it know what card you pulled? It's called optical character recognition (OCR). You'll see the dealer in blackjack slide the card face down over a scanner. That reads the card and then instantly relays that information to the player's screen.

The Dealers themselves are looking at screens displaying all the hands being played on their table, and are alerted when players 'hit', 'stay', 'double' or 'split'.

How Do You Bet With Live Dealers?

Some players may feel a little uneasy or uncomfortable, or even intimidated, by Live Dealers. But once you see how easy the betting is you'll be more inclined to give it a go. And the betting is simple! When a player logs into the Live Dealer section of his preferred online casino, he'll see all the games that casino offers. And there are tons! Blackjack. Roulette. Craps. Poker. Baccarat. Speciality games. Live Dealers really do have something for everything.

Like a land-based casino, players will see various table limits. They ranger from as low as $1 roulette to $1,000 blackjack hands. And the betting is simple. Let's take blackjack for example. First, players should look for a table with vacant seats - just like real life. Once you snag one you'll have your chips displayed on the bottom, your 'hit', 'take', 'double' and 'split' options as well. Most Live Dealers offer side bets for blackjack such as perfect pairs or 21+3, so be sure to keep any eye out.

Once you drop your bet and it comes to your hand, you'll have a time limit of usually around 15 seconds to make your decision. So pay attention!

One thing Live Dealers of that land-based ones do not is the chance to 'bet behind'. Say there's no open seats at the blackjack table. If you notice a player that does have a seat is on a hot streak or displaying some strategy, you can 'bet behind' them. Essentially you're playing their hand as well. But beware - if you 'bet behind' you are at the mercy of the player at the table. So if they stay on a 15 against a Dealer 10 then you are too!

What Are Some Advantages Of Live Dealer?

I love a good virtual game of blackjack. The graphics, the quickness of playing hands, the music, the bet sizes. But we can all agree that it can get a little boring just staring at a screen and playing against an invisible Dealer. Not with Live Dealers. You're playing against real human dealers who interact with you. They root for you to win. You and the other players are in it together. It's as authentic as you can get to a land-based casino.

Another advantage Live Dealers offer is a heightened level of trust and transparency. A lot of players might feel virtual games of roulette or blackjack are fixed. The computer is out to get them. Live Dealers eliminate that. You're seeing the Dealer turn over his cards. You're seeing the roulette ball pin around the table. Players should have no concerns about fairness when playing Live Dealer games.

Specialty Games

This may be this author's favorite aspect of Live Dealers. From plinko, to bonus wheels and lottery drawings and even Monopoly, Live Dealer games have a wide variety of specialty games. They're fun and the presentations are tremendous! The Dealers dress up, they're active and funny. The studio sets are beautifully crafted. It's really just an enjoyable experience all around. I would highly recommend players take a look at the specialty Live Dealer games that their preferred online casino offers. You won't be disappointed!


Live Dealer games are just one more advantage that online casinos already process over their counterparts. Players get the authentic casino feel without having to plunk down a plane ticket or for a hotel room. They offer players fairness and transparency. Bring players together with engaging Dealers and offer all the favorite games plus dozens of others. So this author only has one question…

What are you waiting for!