All About Casino Loyalty Programs and Rewards

The online casino world has gotten crowded in recent years. And because of that, there's a fierce competition taking place between these casinos. Of course they all want players. But they really want players to stay. So in order to attract and keep players, more and more online casinos are incorporating loyalty programs and rewards. The idea is that if a casino rewards a player that player will stay and use that casino and casino only. Let's take a look into these features and offerings and see what they're all about.

Loyalty Programs

If you've ever watched a mafia movie then you know loyalty is life. While an online casino isn't going to come after you, they do appreciate loyalty. That's where these loyalty programs enter. They're designed to reward players for the continued use of a particular online casino. Basically, a player will accumulate points, which are earned by depositing and wagering real money on a certain site. The idea is that the more a player wages on the site the more loyal they are. And if you wager enough then you'll unlock some pretty cool rewards and benefits.

Loyalty Program Structure Layout

Any online casino that offers a loyalty program is structuring it in tiers or levels, with each of those offering and increase in the rewards handed out for reaching them. You've probably seen these advertised on an online casino. They're almost always structured after precious metals. They'll start at BRONZE then go to SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND. Each online casino varies in the levels and order, but that's pretty much how they're laid out.

Players will most always start at the most basic level. As they continue to wager they'll accumulate loyalty points. After a predetermined amount they'll then move to the next level and so on. After a player reaches the next level, they'll unlock a series of perks and benefits. These will always vary, but as players ascend the tiers, they'll unlock better and more attractive perks…

  • Bonus Funds and Free Spins

These are typically awarded in the lower tier levels of a loyalty program, but free money is nothing to ignore! Depending on the casino, some of these bonus funds will have rollover requirements, so players should read up on any terms or conditions.

  • Rebates

These are some of the more popular incentives offered by casino loyalty programs. Basically, they're taking the sting out of a bad week. Say a player loses a certain amount during a week of playing, the casino will then give back a percentage of those losses to a player's balance. These are usually reserved for middle and high tier loyalty tiers, but if you're spending enough to reach those levels then odds are you can expect a pretty decent rebate.

  • Exclusive Tournaments and Events

Most always reserved for the higher end players, these are some of the more attractive rewards. Tournaments give players a chance to compete against fellow high tier players, usually resulting in a cash prize for the winner. Other things such as tickets or invitations to parties or special events - like movie premieres - are offered as well. Cars and watches are also big rewards given out to high end players. Some casinos even offer their most loyal and high tier players trips to some sought after tourist destinations!

  • Personalized Customer Service

Again, usually reserved for the high tiers, these perks give players personalized customer service so that they can be assured any issue they run into will be handled swiftly and correctly. This is especially helpful to players who are depositing larger sums, as they'll want to make sure everything that can be done is being done to assure their transfers are handled with care and their risk factor is minimal.

  • Faster Withdrawals and Higher Deposits

These vary in the levels that they're awarded in, but these are the type of perks that make loyalty programs worth it. The higher a player reaches in the loyalty program, the faster they'll be able to get their money out and the more they'll be able to deposit. Many of these perks also come with the removal of any fees associated with withdrawals or deposits, meaning higher tier players get to keep more of their money.

But Are They Worth It?

If you ask this author then the answer is yes. They really benefit both parties - player and casino. The more the player spends, the more the more perks they'll receive which can lead to more wins. And on the other hand, the casino is retaining players and continuing to get deposits. It's really a win-win situation.

And as more and more online casinos come are developed, the players are going to be the ones benefiting. Casinos are going to want to offer better loyalty programs than their competitors, meaning higher rebates, more deposit options, better security and more and more lavish gifts.

One thing players should be careful of is blindly depositing just so they can reach a certain level. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. It's not worth it to dig yourself a deep hole and put yourself into financial troubles just so that you can claim to be a diamond-tier loyalty program member. Be responsible and that will make the loyalty programs and included perks even that more special!