Virtual Reality and the Future of Online Casinos

Meta Quest. Playstation. HTC Vibe. Samsung Gear. These are just of the top names in Virtual Reality - VR. VR has grown leaps and bounds since it was first introduced, allowing users to immerse themselves in worlds they regularly would have no access to. And VR isn't just for entertainment either. More and more professionals are turning to VR to hone their skills.

One industry that seems ripe for a partnership with VR is the online casino industry. Live dealers have already given players an authentic casino experience, adding VR to the mix would take that experience to a whole new level. Today, we're going to do our best to look into the future and examine VR as it relates to the online casino industry. So what are we waiting for, let's dive in!

How Online Casinos Could Utilize VR

There is a fierce competition ongoing in the online casino world. Everyday, more casinos launch and fight for their piece of the player pool. A lot of times, these casinos are offering bonuses or a large selection of games. But it's only a matter of time before those options aren't enough to attract or keep players. Casinos are going to have to offer more attractive options. And one of those options could be a VR version of their casino.


Let's think about what that could entail and offer a player. The first thing VR could offer players is an authentic gaming experience like none other. Sure, Live Dealers are a great feature, but think about what it would feel like to put on a headset and feel like you're actually standing in a casino. Talk about authentic!

Online casinos could design their own virtual casino, everything from the lighting to the rug color to the layout of the floor. Playing blackjack or roulette in a land-based casino is a special experience. A lot of players don't have the opportunity - or funds - to make that happen. VR would be the next best thing. It would open up the experience of gambling to a whole new crowd, giving players an authentic casino experience like nothing they've seen before.


Another way online casinos could utilize VR is by bringing a level of interaction that simply can't be duplicated in the current form of online gaming. Yes, casinos offer chat rooms where players can communicate but those a faceless names on a screen. The level of interaction doesn't go far. VR would solve that issue instantly. Players could create their own avatar and be able to see and speak to other players.

This would bring the community aspect of online gaming to new heights. Sitting at a table with fellow players is one of the most exciting aspects of gambling. With VR, players would get to actually see their fellow players and be able to interact with - they could celebrate big wins and cheer each other up after tough losses.


Gameplay is essential to any online casino. Players need to be able to play games that are fun, exciting and fair. There's something lacking in simply pressing a button on your computer to bet or spin a slot. VR would would take that relatively mundane aspect of gameplay and transform it to something entirely different.

How fun would it be to look down and actually see your cards in front of you? How exciting would it be to feel as if you're standing at the craps table and throwing dice? Think about the thrill of going all-in in a game of Text Hold 'Em. All that is possible with VR.

Customer Service

Players want to know that anytime an issue arises, they're in good hands and whatever their issue is, it's going to be resolved quickly and accurately. Sometimes, it's hard to know your issue is being handled correctly or promptly when you're in a Live Chat. VR could give customer service reps a face, allowing players to interact with them which would in turn bring a new level of trust to the customer service aspect of online casinos.

Potential Issues

The benefits - and there are a lot of benefits - of VR in online casinos would take the industry to new heights. But it won't be easy. There are some factors that will have to be smoothed out before VR and online casinos can truly reach their fulls potential as partners.


VR headsets are expensive. In order to bring players an online casino thats capable of being played in VR, a lot will have to be done. That's going to run up costs. Players have to be able to afford that and also be able to afford to bets. For some players the combination may be too much to handle.


VR technology is growing rapidly. But in order to bring to life all that we've touched on more will have to be done. That takes time. The first versions of VR for online casinos will most likely be limited in their capabilities. It could be a limited number of games, limited interactions or a myriad of other options. Players will most likely have to wait until they're offered a truly immersive gameplay.


Online casinos are continuing to grow in rapid numbers. The industry is growing and more and more features are being introduce in order to attract new players. VR is is right on the horizon. Its addition to the online gaming industry would be a major boom to not only the industry but also its players. It may take time for it to truly reach its full potential, but when it does, players are going to reap the benefits.