Slot Machine Themes: Exploring Varieties

For most online casinos, the biggest selection of games can be found in the slot machine section. Players typically have hundreds upon hundreds of slots to choose from. And with all these choices, developers have begun to experiment with more and more themes. Today we'll take a look at some of the most popular out there for players to enjoy. Let's dive in.

The Classics

These slots are a tribute to the slots of yesteryear, paying homage to old school Las Vegas or Atlantic City and giving players a sense of authenticity with their game play. These slots most always feature symbols like cherries, lucky sevens, bars, diamonds, bells and wilds. For players looking for a bit of nostalgia with their online slot play, look no further than these classic-themed slots.

The Adventure Angle

One of the more popular themes, the adventure and exploration theme takes players to lost cities like Atlantis or ancient civilizations like Egypt and Rome or the lost temples of the Aztec or even to the land of the dinosaurs. With added graphics like animated backgrounds and fun bonus features, these slots are always at the top of any players list.

Fantastical Lands

Similar to the adventure and exploration theme, the fantasy and mythology themes take it a step further. Slots with these themes feature things like dragons, sea creatures, leprechauns, Greek gods and goddesses. Many of these slots will incorporate their theme into the gameplay, so symbols will most always be in the form of swords or dragons or castles or gold pots.

Sports and Athletics

A personal favorite of this author, the sports and athletics theme is always a crowd pleaser. Soccer, football, basketball, horse racing, car racing. You name the sport and there's most likely a slot to fit it! And the best thing is, most of these slots have fun bonus and free rounds that tie into the sport the slot is based on, giving players even more excitement.

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Outer space is always a popular theme. Whether it's taking place on a distant planet or in space itself, these slots come with some of the best graphics and sound effects out there. Players will always be in for a treat playing a space-themed slot because they'll always be able to tell the time and effort it took to make the slot look as good as it does.

Party Time

These slots are always flashy and fun. They'll be focused around places like Las Vegas or Macau or the beach or Paris or New York. A lot of the times these slots will include some lucrative bonus features, living up to their party themes and giving players the chance at bringing in some huge wins!

Pop Culture

More and more developers are turning their eye to pop culture with their slot machine designs. Now, most of the time a developer won't have the rights to a certain film, but they'll design their slots to mimic movies like The Minions or The Godfather or any number of superhero films. But there are plenty of characters that rest in the public domain - like Alice in Wonderland or Sherlock Holmes - that players are starting to see more and more slots being featured around.

Welcome to the Jungle

A player favorite, the nature and wildlife themed slots are always visually stunning. From the jungle to the safaris of Africa, these slots always feature some of the most intricate and beautifully designed symbols. Players can spin tigers, bears, gorillas, hippos, giraffes, snakes, lizards and so much more. There are slots that are even built around the classic cat and mouse rivalry. The added touch of animated symbols and backgrounds - which bring these animals to life - is always an added plus and makes this theme such a popular one amongst players.

A Blast From the Past

If you are craving a little Americana with your slot play then look no further than the retro and vintage themed slots. These typical feature eras like the 1950s or 1960s and are set in places like a diner, movie theatre or around a road trip. This author has even seen them designed around jukeboxes and pinups girls. The graphics, music and sound effects are always era specific and bring with them a calming sense of nostalgia for players who want to head back in time for their next session.

Bit of a Sweet Tooth

No list of slot themes can be complete without a food mention! These slots are designed around mouthwatering deserts like candies, cupcakes or cakes, and even go as far as taking players to international destinations like France or Italy and serving up symbols of wine, bread and pasta. Be careful playing these slots because you might end up making yourself hungry!

Home for the Holidays

Santa, jack-o-lanterns and Cupid make an appearance in our holiday themed mention. Players can travel to the North Pole and Santa's workshop or even a spin with classic monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula or the Werewolf in a Halloween themed slot.


These slots are a little more tame when compared to the adventure themed slots, but still offer great graphics and gameplay. These slots will usually be designed around general areas like a park or canyon or ocean. Sometimes, games will be more specific and take players to countries like Mexico or Italy or China. And by tying in their graphics and gameplay to a specific region, players can get a little geography lesson along the way!


No matter what your taste is, the odds are you'll be able to find a slot that matches. From fantastical lands to football fields to the depths of the ocean and the expanse of outer space, slots are continually finding new and exciting themes to explore, giving players even more reason to sit down and play a few spins.